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Into The Woods Hands-Free Door Opener Key Chain

Product Description

Protect yourself with this terrific tool inspired by Eli Halpin's colorful woodland art. Reduce germs every day with our Hands-Free Door Opener featuring our artists' captivating designs. Our artful button pushers are conveniently a key chain that can be clipped to your purse for easy access when opening doors and pressing keypads. Sanitize this device after each use and practice cleanliness, while minimizing surface contact when running errands with this unique and useful tool!

Product Specifications

  • Made from polymer materials, exclusive of metal keyring
  • Artwork is imprinted on both sides of this product (the same design appears on both sides)
  • All corners are rounded to avoid damage upon contact with surfaces
  • Size: 1.77" (width) x 3.46"(length) x 0.15" (thickness)
  • Light weight: 0.04 lbs (18.5 grams)
  • Can be sanitized by wiping with isopropyl alcohol or by hand-washing with soap and water

About the Artist: Eli Halpin

Eli is short for Elizabeth. Artist Eli Halpin grew up in Alaska and now lives and paints in Austin, Texas. She focuses attention on the facial expressions of animals, while enjoying and celebrating their many features. Eli's original paintings are made on wood with oil. She uses large brushes to lay down super thick paint and her messy, drippy style is bright and metallic. Eli's work tells stories. The scenes she paints are infused with romance and humor, while emphasizing the instinct, intuition, and wisdom of nature.