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Andrea M Designs Digital Art 8x10 Prints

I believe:
*Women need encouragement*
*Inspiration is vital for hope*
*Laughter is our saving grace*
*Pretty pieces of art that bring a smile to your face are essential for every room*
These beliefs shine brightly in each of my designs in hopes to bring you inspiration and happiness.

This is a digital collage that I made in Photoshop. 8x10 prints are printed on 8.5x11 professional quality HP Premium Plus Photo Paper with a beautiful soft gloss finish. I use Canon Chromalife Ink, which provides bright coloration, high ink density, and fade resistance. Your print will be carefully packed in a sturdy cardboard mailer and sent with love.
All other sizes will ship directly from the printing service I use. They provide amazing, high quality poster prints!

Please note:
*Colors may appear differently on different monitors. Please contact me with any questions.
*8x10 prints will ship in 3-5 business days. All other sizes will take about 2 weeks.

Copyright Andrea Mehdiratta 2017
Greetings From Austin
She Tried To Contain Herself
Do No Harm
Happiness Is A Way Of Travel
Doc's Bar And Grill
Notes On How To Be Awesome
Be A Little More You
She Adored Her Passport
Her Feet Hurt From Kicking So Much Ass
The Life She Imagined
Bird With A French Fry
If A Girl Wants To Be A Legend
South Congress Cafe
She Adjusted Her Sails
Don't Let Them Tame You
She Discovered She Was The One
I Love The Person I've Become
Be Yourself
Leap Of Faith
What Are You Waiting For
What God Knows About You
Impossible Things
Nothing Is Impossible
Wanderlust: (N.)
Once She Stopped Rushing
Be Your Own Hero
She Who Is Brave Is Free
The Risk It Took To Bloom
Praise Him In The Hallway
Who Is Going To Stop Me
If You Want To Be Happy
The Day Pigs Fly
I Do Not Need A Knight In Shining Armour
Maybe Life Isn't About Avoiding The Bruises
Nothing Lasts Forever
Always Chase Your Dreams
Austin Texas Cowgirl
If You Are Going To Be Weird
Happy Girls Are The Prettiest
I Will Not Be Another Flower
Lord Give Me Patience
They Laugh Because I'm Different
True Wisdom
I Am Completely Badass
Lake Austin Relaxation Destination
Give A Girl The Right Pair Of Shoes
Carefree Days On Lake Austin